Losing our Freedom..

There used to be a lot of shit I loved about Canada. I used to sing O’ Canada with my hand on my heart.

I remember when Justin Trudeau first got elected as Prime Minister; I cried and rejoiced.

Since then I’ve lost hope in our Country. In the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms we have the fundimental right; Freedom of Expression and the right to say what I want has a limit.

These limits are set by the Governing Regulators. This is allowed as long as the requirements are met; “so long as the limits are reasonable and can be justified in a free and democratic society

Hmmmm… The Bill C-16 doesn’t sound very Free to me. Ethically we know typically that attacking someone because they’re Gay is a bad thing to do. I certainly wouldn’t do such a thing.

THE PROBLEM; leftists and/or extremists have repeatedly been found just as guilty of attacking those who don’t agree with them.

I personally have been called a White Supremacist or a Nazi just because I questioned a woman on the “Proof” or “Science” behind Gender Studies.

The TRUTH; there is far to little scientifical proof of our brains reflecting our Gender. Gender is a social Construct and within that Construct are Roles that both a man and a Woman play.

Sex is biological; facial structure, body type, hair growth, Genitals, speech, Ect Ect.

The “Other” option on our passports isnt the issue. The issue is having no limit to the amount of different Genders that exist.

The expectation that everyone has to call someone who is Biologically a Male a “She” or “They” and that by using the wrong pronoun is some sort of “Attack” on them.

Honestly… Are we going to start identifying as Plants?


Depression and Such

Hey Guys, Recently I’ve been Battling another depressive Episode. It feels like no matter what I do to try and get out of it the feeling in my Gut won’t go away.

I’ve been working on being more Positive, working on coordinating my life so that there is an even balance between Work, Fun, and Constructive activities.

I keep hoping to wake up without this feeling. I will continue to fight this disease with the help of my Friends and Loved ones.